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To reduce costs, Fortune 500 corporations outsource a wide variety of products and services outside their core competencies (e.g., information technology, employee benefits). The corporate self-insured litigation market is the last, large cost center where outsourcing opportunities have been unavailable. Many large corporations spend more on litigation than on most services and products. Litigation is the only corporate activity where transaction costs exceed all other costs.

DryStone Capital offers corporations the opportunity to outsource litigation. DryStone focuses exclusively on defending large portfolios of litigation, including employment, personal injury, product liability, commercial and environmental. DryStone offers a buy-versus-make alternative.

DryStone Capital resolves all lawsuits for a fixed price, which includes both defense and liability cost, and is 10% less than what it would otherwise cost. Using our own capital, DryStone Capital creates a reserve to take the financial risk away and to guarantee the savings.

For additional information on DryStone Capital litigation portfolio outsourcing, please download our Executive Summary.

DryStone Capital grew out of eLawForum, a pioneer in techniques for competitive sourcing in the market for legal services. eLawForum developed unique alternatives to the billable hour that aligned outside counsel incentives for total cost management.

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Four-part Series by DryStone Founder & CEO John B. Henry published in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

  1. Fortune 500: The Total Cost Of Litigation Estimated At One-Third Profits
  2. Part II The First Step In Reducing Litigation Cost: Widen Focus To The Portfolio With A Litigation Scorecard!
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  4. eLawForum Litigation Portfolio Insurance

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